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Author Interview: Laurie Goyen, River through My Heart

author interviews Apr 15, 2021

This week, it's my pleasure to introduce you to Laurie Goyen. Her memoir, River through My Heart, delivers an emotional journey through her experiences of love, loss, anxiety, joy, and spirituality. Here's my interview with her about her self-publishing story.

Rich: Welcome Laurie. Can you tell us when and why you decided to write your first book?

Laurie: I started writing 10 years ago.  I was mainly inspired to write my book, “River Through My Heart, A Memoir”, after my son, Blake contracted a rare autoimmune disease from encephalitis at the age of seven.  

The journey was extremely difficult.  It stretched my faith in many ways and it was an experience that I felt I needed to share.

I wanted to record our family’s experience for therapeutic reasons but mainly to help others going through painful times.  There was a real sense of purpose to my writing which drove me to publish my book. 

My book is also about other life experiences that have shaped me into who I am today.  I have a very long chapter on WORRY which I’m sure many can relate to.


Rich: What topics do you write about, and why?

Laurie: I’m drawn to the human struggle/stories.  I love documentaries and tend to read only non-fiction books for this reason.  

I write to reflect and to share with others.  Everyone has baggage they carry around. It’s just the contents that are different.  The more we share with others, the more we feel less alone in our struggles.

I also enjoy writing poetry for inspiration and for healing reasons. 


Rich: How long did it take you to write, edit, and publish your first book?

Laurie: My book took me probably longer than some to complete.  The whole process took over two years.  I wrote for about a year.  The editing and completion took a while because it was my first time and I wanted to produce a top quality product.  As typo free as possible.  

I paid an independent professional editor to edit the first time.  I also had it edited a second time.  I also had it edited by my husband and my mother.   

My advice to other writers would be to publish with a company and use their editing services as well to consolidate the process. I am confident that my next time around would require a lot less time due to what I’ve learned. 


Rich: What part of the writing and publishing process was the most enjoyable, and what part was the least enjoyable?

Laurie: I have to say I enjoyed every moment of it because I was passionate about getting my story out there to share with others.  I loved working on the cover too, picking out the artwork, etc.

The editing process is time-consuming but I was inspired and driven by a sense of purpose and it really didn’t feel like work at all because of that.


Rich: Describe how you felt and who you told when you published your first book?

Laurie: The feeling was amazing.  Anyone who has written a book will tell you it is like their baby.  My heart and soul is in those pages.  I’ve never put so much of myself into any endeavor like I did with my book.  I say that, not including my marriage and my children of course.

Almost everyone you talk to will tell you they’ve always wanted to write a book.  Most people don’t end up putting the effort in that it takes though.  Therefore, it truly is a major accomplishment.  I love the idea that my book and my story will be around long after I am gone. 

I was also able to do book signings and was interviewed on a local morning show.  The whole experience was fulfilling and very exciting.


Rich: Is there anything else you’d like to tell anyone who is starting their journey to become a published author?

Laurie: I can tell you that it is one of the most worthwhile and fulfilling things you will ever do.  Good luck with your book! 


Rich: Thanks Laurie. It’s been a pleasure learning about your experience writing and publishing your memoir. I look forward to reading additional books from you as you publish them.

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