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I created this page to give you a taste of my teaching style. While I'd love to be your guide as you write and publish your first book, it's important that I'm a good fit for you.

The content below gives you a preview of my philosophy on writing, my approach to my lessons, and my style as an instructor. If you like what you see, please join our Fast Lane community by signing up for my weekly newsletter below. If not, no hard feelings. Either way, I hope you find a way to enjoy writing and publishing as much as our Fast Lane members do.

Sample Lessons

These are a few of over 30 lessons included in my comprehensive package. See what you think.


Course Materials

Sample Template

This is just one example of a template I use to help students speed through the book writing process. This pre-formatting Word document includes the ideal margins, tabs, and other elements for paperback books.

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Sample Outlines

If you like learning from examples, my course includes many examples of useful content provided by other authors. Check out these sample outlines for a memoir, a self-help books, and a leadership guide.

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Check out my comprehensive programs for writing, refining, and publishing your first book in less than 6 months.

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